Bodhisattva Fail (Low Empathy Moments)

(Whiling away the hours of a free day, he sets out on his errands…)

Perched on his front steps, a beefy tour group hears from their guide, who wears a wool beanie in July: “The neighborhood was actually pretty rough a few years back.”

The tourists scuttle on, leaving only regulars. Like bucket-hat-guy, who chugs past unzipping knee-length denim shorts and splattering the sidewalk while holding a beer and a cane in his free hand.

The nice moms from Neighborhood Relations at June’s (private) school recommend carrying granola bars if giving money “isn’t your practice.”

equinox sign

At the market McCormick visualizes a fountain of pee and tosses nut-free cookies and dried mango into his basket.

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